Proven Track Record For the Completion and Integration of Successful Acquisitions

RedHawk Energy Corporation was formed by veteran energy services executives to execute the consolidation, through acquisition, of domestic oil and gas equipment manufacturing and servicing companies. Currently, the domestic energy services and equipment market is highly fragmented with numerous small and specialized companies competing for business from the same drilling, exploration and production companies.

Centri Controlled Entry System

Our wholly-owned subsidiary RedHawk Energy Corp., LLC holds the exclusive U.S. manufacturing and distribution rights for the Centri Controlled Entry System, a unique, closed cabinet, nominal dose transmission full-body x-ray scanner. 

The company acquired the exclusive United States manufacturing and distribution rights for the Centri Controlled Entry System (“Centri"), a nominal dose transmission x-ray full-body scanner that is designed to be capable of finding weapons, drugs and other metallic and non-metallic contraband concealed on and within the human body.

In June 2016, the Company received approval from the FDA for the importation, assembly, and demonstration of Centri. Phase I radiation testing was successfully completed. Approval for human testing and the sale of Centri units was received from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality during the quarter ending September 30, 2016. 

The Company is continuing to successfully test the safe operation of Centri and is currently working with the Louisiana State University Innovation Park to develop our marketing strategy to offer Centri for sale and/or lease as an alternative security system in various commercial applications.

Oil Field Services

RedHawk Energy Corporation is focused on acquiring and consolidating well-managed, smaller, undercapitalized onshore and offshore oilfield service and equipment companies with excellent reputations for quality and service. Many of these smaller service companies recently experienced seemingly unabated growth but are now faced with economic uncertainty due to their inability to access necessary maintenance capital as they enter this period of operational downturn.

By acquiring, consolidating and integrating these well-managed businesses, these acquisitions will have greater access to the capital necessary to not only withstand the current economic challenges facing the energy industry but they will now have available maintenance and growth capital, cross-selling opportunities and the ability to leverage the client relationships into new sales opportunities when they emerge from this economic slowdown.